Hide belly fat | How to dress to hide belly fat in Indian wear

Many Indian women struggle to hide their belly or tummy everyday. Its either because they have natural apple shape body or because of their weight gain around their belly after a C- section during delivery. Some women struggle to loose their weight after delivery and sometimes it never happens. So if you have big belly and want to dress well to hide it then this is for you. But before that I want to clarify that in this blog I talk only about Indian Ethnic wears as it will help many Indian women. So Let’s get started.

What is mean by Apple shape body?

You will be considered as a apple shape if your waist size is higher than your bust and hip size. So if you want to hide your belly then you have to do the following tricks to dress well.

1. Wear Asymmetrical drape dress:

If you have big tummy then wearing a Asymmetrical drape dress would be a best choice. This dress will trick our eyes so we won’t be able figure out where the waist is. Instead of focusing on the waist our eyes will focus on the asymmetrical and draping part of the dress.


In the above photos we can see one thing similar. They trick our eyes and we don’t really concentrate on the waist , we focus on asymmetrical and draping part of the dress.

2. Wear vertical and diagonal line dresses:

By telling this I don’t want you to look like a zebra. Just wear kurti which creates at-least one vertical line or a diagonal line. Kutis with two vertical colour blocks will be the best choice. And one of those colours must be light and the other must be dark colour. By wearing this kind of kurtis you can make others focus only on one half of your waist.

In the above two photos there is a vertical line created by two different colours, one is very light and the other is very dark. So its really difficult to focus on these two colours at the same time which makes us focus on only one part of the waist. So this makes your waist look slim.

3. Wear a Princess cut kurti:

A princess cut kurti will give a hour glass or sometimes a staight shape to your body. For example take a look at the photo shown below.

This black with grey kurti gives a instant hourglass shape to the body by creating optical illusion. The grey colour part of the kurti is lighter than than the black colour part of the kurti which makes our eyes focus on the grey part of the kurti and creates a slimmer waist line.

4. Wear vest over a kurti:

To make your waist look slimmer you can wear a vest or coat over a kurti. This will reduce the wideness of your waist line and will create a vertical line. When you wear a kurti without any coat it will show the entire waist line. To reduce your waist size you can wear a coat over the kurti as it will almost cover two sides of your waist and will show it narrow.

5. Wear a layered kurti:

A layered kurti can be used to cover your waist. Usually layers of the kurti will be loose than than the kurti which will cover the belly and also creates a vertical line on the kurti. A layered kurti that looks like a coat over a kurti will be the best choice compared to other layered kurtis.


6. Wear A-line kurti:

A-line kurtis will give some space for your tummy. If you wear a straight kurti it will make your tummy to look round and sometimes it will make you look pregnant as well. To avoid this you can wear a A-line kurti as it will flare out right below your chest and will not look too tight near your tummy.

7. Shift attention to the top or bottom:

The point is to shift attention to others parts of your body. To do this you can wear a kurti or salwar with some heavy designs on the upper part of your body, that is above your chest. You can wear a statement necklace, a dress with some heavy design on the neck, high neck, Maharani neck kurti. You can wear a dress with some heavy work on the sleeves as well. This will distract others eyes from your belly and will make them look at the designer part of the dress.

In this photo the model is wearing a cape kurti. Cape of the kurti is in light colour and it has some designs on it and looks different from the rest of the body. So when you see the photo automatically you will focus on upper part of her body and it also creates wide shoulder and makes the waist look slimmer.

If you see in the above photo Sonam wore a big statement necklace which makes us look at her upper body than the rest of her dress.

In this photo shown above the sleeve of the kurti is looking different and this kurti has some beautiful designs on the top which makes us look at the upper part of the kurti. This way you can divert the attention from your belly and highlight other assets of your body.

So these are my tips to hide your tummy in Indian wear. I hope this helps you, Thanks for reading.

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