Indian Capsule Wardrobe: How to create Indian Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule wardrobe means a wardrobe having only your essential outfit with out which you cant live even for a month. This wardrobe is a minimalist wardrobe. So you need shop your existing wardrobe to create a Capsule wardrobe. By the end you will end up with a brand new wardrobe where you don’t need to search for options, getting ready would become much easier than ever before. And you will understand your true style.

Creating a Capsule wardrobe for Indian wear is a big deal. Because we Indians love all kind of dresses and we cant live with out a single piece of our outfit. It is a challege for many women in India. So I decided to take the challenge of creating a capsule wardrobe and sharing my Capsule wardrobe with you. So lets get started!

How to create a capsule wardrobe:

When creating a capsule wardrobe you have to take out all your dresses from your wardrobe and find out what your are wearing the most.
Make a list of a maximum of 36 outfits which you are wearing more often. This does not count underwear essentials.
So when I looked at my closet I realized there are 4 major colors in my wardrobe. They are Red , Black, White , Beige color. Most of my Kurtis came under these colors.


I picked up legging and shawl pair in these four colors. I counted a legging and a same color shawl as a single piece.
Now for each legging and shawl pair I assigned two or three of my favorite Kurtis.




For saree I chose eight of my sarees and sorted out them with four basic blouses in red, beige silver and golden color.

A red blouse will go well with beige, yellow, white, black, green and almost all color sarees. But I like to wear it with a golden beige color saree.

The Beige blouse can be worn with all sarees with a beige color border. If you take sarees most of them will be having Beige color border.

Golden blouse can be worn with all sarees having golden border. I’ve choose two sarees with golden border.

Silver blouse can be worn with all sarees with stone detailing. This blouse can be matched with almost all party wear sarees. I chose two of my favorite party wear sarees with the silver blouse.


I chose only one black jeans as I don’t wear them too often. I paired it with three tops in beige, white colors. I took one coat/blazer in black color which can be worn with all the three tops.


For accessories I took one belt for jeans, one pair of red high heels, one pair of black high heels.


For jewelry I took one basic Oxidized silver earring with a pendent chain, a long chunky earring for party wear sarees, one Jumka in golden color for golden border sarees.
So Totally, Sarees- 8, Blouses- 4, Legging shawl pair- 4, Kurti- 11, jeans- 1, tops- 3, totally 32 pieces of outfits I have chosen for my Indian wear capsule wardrobe.
At the end we must identify our style. I think I found my style. It was shocking for me to learn that I liked mostly black , beige and red colors. If you want to know your style try to create a capsule wardrobe and discover more about you. Thanks for reading.

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  • Hi!

    I am trying to be minimal since a couple of years and only very recently am I finding other Indians talking about this as well.

    I have read this almost as soon as you published it.

    I need some help. So I wear leggings+kurti to work. I like solids. I like straight cuts. I like silk/cotton fabric. The problem is my wardrobe looks like some sort of uniform now. Sure, I can mix and match. But there is not much variety in my overall style.

    Can you help me with this?

  • Love the post. I have been doing seasonal capsule wardrobe with my western clothes but can’t seem to tackle desi wear. Especially living in west, we like to hold on to our desi clothes in fear we might not find another and it gets out of control.

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