How to wear a saree to look slim | A Complete Guide

Hi friends, today I’m going to share few secrets which I use to look slim in saree. Wearing a saree itself is a big task for this generation women. Wearing a saree and looking slim might be a dream for many women. Sometimes even slim girls used to look bulky because of their bad saree draping skills and bad choice of saree essentials. So here I’m sharing a few tips which worked for meSo Let’s get started,

There are a few important thing you have to consider when you plan to wear saree,

⦁ Blouse
⦁ Saree
⦁ Petticoat
⦁ Saree draping style
⦁ Foot Wear
1. Blouse
There are few important factors to be considered before choosing a blouse. I have listed them blow,
Size: When your blouse is too tight or too small for you then your shoulder will look curvy, which will make your arms look bigger and your overall look becomes very bulky. To avoid this you can wear a structured blouse. A structured blouse gives a straight shape to your shoulder.

Sleeve Length: Quarter length sleeves will draw others attention to your arms. If your arms look bulkier then sleeves must be of 3/4 length or full sleeve. Full sleeves and 3/4 sleeves will make your hands look slimmer and long, or you can wear a sleeveless blouse.

2. Choosing a saree
When choosing a saree you must take the following fctors in to account.
Fabric: Georgette, Chiffon, Crepe, Satin and Lycra sarees will be easy to drape and make you look slim. This sarees give good shape as well.
Boarder: To look slim you must look tall as well. You can look taller by wearing sarees with small boarder. This will create an illusion that you are tall and slim.

Pattern: Vertical stripes and Small designs will make you look slimmer and taller. Horizontal stripes and big flower designs are big NO.

3. Petticoat
⦁ A petticoat must be chosen carefully to look slim. Size of the petticoat is identified by the number of panels used in a petticoat. This panels are called as parts in common. Size of the petticoats will be written as 6 part, 7 part and so on. If your hip size is 34 to 36 then you should buy 6 part or 7 part petticoat. Any extra fabric around your hip will make it look bulky. To avoid this correct size petticoat must be chosen.

⦁ You can choose a body shaping petticoat to give a shape to your body

4. Draping style
⦁ Wear it low: Wear your saree below your belly button. This will make the pleats that you are tucking in your petticoat go below your belly and gives a flat belly illusion. If you don’t like showing your hip then you can wear a long blouse and wear your saree low.

⦁ Take only 4 pleats or lesser when you tuck it in your petticoat. This will stop that extra fabric around your hip.
⦁ Make the pallu pleats not bigger than your palm. Big pallu pleats will make your shoulder look wider. So to avoid this always make small pleats.
⦁ Do not wear it tight around your chest. When you wear it tight it makes you look fat. To avoid this always drape it little loose. If you feel uncomfortable to wear it loose then pin it properly.
⦁ Make the two sides of the saree parallel to each other. This will create an illusion of looking slim.

⦁ Drape your saree diagonally. Side of the pallu must not be parallel to your shoulder unless you have hour glass body shape. If the sides of the saree is parallel to your shoulder, it will make your shoulder look wide, which leads to bulky look.

⦁ Make pleated pallu for silk sarees and loose pallu for georgate saree.
⦁ Wear a good blouse which will cover your body appropriately, so you won’t be bothered about your saree. You can style your saree better if you feel comfortable in your blouse.
4. Footwear
⦁ Try to wear block heels with saree. A block heel will balance out your weight and makes your leg look long. On the other hand stilatto will make your leg to look shorter and thicker.

⦁ Put your shoes on before draping saree. This wil help you hide your heels.

And after wearing saree, remember you are beautiful and carry your saree gracefully.


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