Look taller: How to look taller in Indian Wear

Every petite ever in this universe is always trying to look taller. You will be considered petite if you are shorter than 5’4″. Internet is flooded with many posts for petite women dressing but finding dressing ideas for Indian women in internet is quite difficult. As a petite Indian women I do use few tricks to look taller. So today I’m going to share all those tips to the world, Let’s get started!

Try “V” neck:

Any dress with “V” neck will make your torso look longer, making you look taller. The trick is you must make your torso (upper half of your body) either look longer and rest of the body shorter or your torso look short and rest of the body longer.

Many Indian women don’t feel comfortable in wearing a deep “V” neck top or kurti. If you want to look tall and don’t want to show much skin then you can try this look by South Indian Actress Nayanthara in the movie Dora. She wore a tank top under a deep “V” neck kurti which made her look taller all over the movie.

Wear Monotonic:

A dress is called monotonic when the dress is of the same colour from top to bottom. You can wear a dress in same colour and look taller. If you want to take it one step further, try wearing a full black dress from top to bottom.


Go for long dresses:

Try to wear a dress or kurti that is long and falls after your knee. Kurti ending exactly on the knee will cut leg in equal part and make it look shorter. So always wear kurti or dress that is longer than your knee.


Same goes for Anarkali dresses as well. Short Anarkali dresses will make you look short and fat. On the other hand floor length Anarkali dresses will make you look tall and slim.

Choose a Long Sleeve always:

Any top or kurti or blouse with long sleeve will make your hands look longer and end up making your whole body look longer. Short sleeves will cut you hand in equal parts and make it look shorter.

Long Sleeve with turtle neck top would be the best choice if you want to look tall.

No border or Small border:


If you choose to wear a saree then always choose a no border saree or small border saree. Big border in both saree and Anarkali will make you look shorter than your actual height.

Maintain High Waist:

A high waist long skirt will make you look taller and a low waist skirt will make you look shorter.


Same goes for Anarkali dresses as well. If its an Anarkali dress with two different colours then the first colour must end above your waist line and right after your chest.


Monotonous Shoe:

Wear a high heel shoe in the same colour as your bottom. This will trick others eyes and make them think your shoe as your leg.

So these are the tricks that I use to look taller in Indian Wear. I hope this helps you. Thanks for reading.

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