8 Secrets To Find a Perfect Bag For Work

Choosing a good bag to work is very important. Because we will feel confident when we look better. A good bag definitely improves your personality. So today I came up with tips and tricks to buy a good bag for work. Let’s get started!

1. Invest in a good quality bag

Try to invest in your bag. You can find a lot of bags that looks good and cheap in the market. But these low cost bags are mostly very bad in quality. It will become old and tear off with in 3 months. Lets assume you bought a bag for Rs.500/- and after 3 months it starts to tear off little by little. After 6 months the bag becomes unusable. Then you have to buy a new bag again. So within one year you might need to spend Rs. 1000/- per year. And for every 6 months you will be buying a new bag. So to avoid spending a lot on low quality bags try to invest in a good quality bag. Sometimes quality comes with cost. If you invest in your bag you don’t need to buy one new for every 6 months. A good quality bag will be looking good for at least 2 to 5 years. So logically you can save a lot of money by buying a good quality bag.

2.Shape matters a lot

Yes..Shape matters a lot! Just imagine you are ready to go to work and you pushed your lunch box, purse, makeup pouch, mobile phone and few important things in your bag. Now how does your bag looks like? It will look like a sack of potatoes. Then you might have to rearrange everything in your bag so that it will look better. To avoid this situation every morning try to buy a bag with good shape. So that you don’t need to spend a lot of time to make it better.

Good shape means good structure. Even if nothing is there in your bag it must be in a good shape.

3. Avoid sloppy bags

Always .. Always.. Always avoid sloppy bags for work unless you have lots of money to buy many bags. Why to avoid sloppy bags? Because it don’t look expensive and arranging things in your bag becomes very difficult.

If you don’t have time to arrange things in your bag in the morning, then stay away from sloppy bags.

4. Don’t compromise on safety

The main purpose of a bag is to keep your things safe. If it doesn’t provide that safety then it’s useless.  Make sure it has enough number of zipper pocket and you can look for hidden pockets as well to keep important things safe.

5. Find a spacious bag

Try to find a bag which has enough space to hold your things. If you carry lunch box in your bag, make sure that your lunch box fits in the bag. A small bag will look weird if you put lots of things in your bag. So always try to find a spacious bags. But remember that spacious doesn’t means big. It can be a small bag but if it’s big enough to hold all your essential things then it’s a spacious bag.

6. Try stylish satchel bags

Almost in all fashion shows runway models used to carry a satchel bag. Because it looks so stylish and sleek.

If you want to look sleek and stylish then satchel bag is the best option. It will make you look more professional.

7. Color matters a lot

Colors really matters a lot. If you know you style then choosing a bag becomes more easier. If you wear lots of nude colors then choose a classic color like red for your bag. If you wear colorful dresses then choose a nude shade bag.

A beige color bag will be the best choice if you want to look expensive and stylish

8. Keep it simple

A simple yet elegant bag will always score higher than a heavy work bag. So always try to find a simple bag.

Maintaining the look also becomes more easier than a heavy work bag. It looks more expensive as well.

I hope this content helped you to find a perfect bag for your work. Thanks for reading!


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  • When it comes to choosing a bag, I really go for functionality and then the style of course. I don’t like bags that can only be used for a particular season or occasion. I want bags that can be worn any time of the day, whatever the season is. Like straw bags or abaca bags.

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