How To Wear A Jacket With Kurti |How To Wear A Coat With Kurti| A Complete Guide

Wearing a kurti in the same old way can be boring for you. Just like you I also got bored until I found a new way to style my kurtis.  Yes I am talking about wearing a kurti with coat or jacket. Wearing a coat over a kurti is an easy way to style your kurti. You can mix and match to create a new look everyday. Here are my tips to do it!

Look 1: Kurti with Denim Jacket

It’s a bold look to add with your kurti. You can wear a simple full sleeve denim jacket with your kurti and rock the look. Try this look when you go for shopping with your friends. To make it better choose a simple light color kurti. Try free hair and desi jewelry for feminine look. You can try a messy bun and a sun glass for a bold look.


Look 2: Kurti with Leather Jacket

Adding a leather jacket with your favorite kurti would be a playful way to style your kurti. It will look classy, bold, and stylish and it’s an easy way to convert your kurti to a winter wear.


Look 3: Kurti with Blazer

Ever tried wearing a blazer over a kurti ? I’m sure you will love it. It will give a formal look to your kurti. If you want to wear a coat over kurti to office then this would help you. It gives an instant corporate look to your kurti and will bring you complements from your colleagues.


Look 4: Kurti with heavy work ethnic jacket

Turn your simple kurti into  party wear by adding a heavy work ethnic jacket to it. Try to choose the jacket in universal colours like golden, silver, beige, black colors so that you can wear it with any plain kurti and make it look fabulous.


Look 5: Kurti with cardigan or shrug

Choosing a cardigan or a shrug is an affordable way to add style to your kurti. A shrug would cost hardly Rs.300. You can easily replace your dupatta with a shrug or a cardigan because it goes well with salwar kameez as well.

Look 6: Kurti with hoodie

Kurti with a hoodie? That’s a comfy combination to try this winter. Is it too cold outside? No worries, throw a comfy hoodie over a kurti with jeans and boots, you are good to go! It won’t look too casual or too formal. So you can wear it almost everywhere.

Look 7: Kurti with long coat

Try your favorite kurti with a long coat. It’s a trending combination this season. If you already have one then mix it up with other kurtis as well.

I hope this information gave you enough information to style your kurti with a coat or a jacket. Thanks for reading!

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