The Ultimate Guide To Select Jewelry For Saree

Hi beautiful ladies! I know its quite difficult to cheese the perfect jewelry for a saree. The fact is that most of us don’t wear saree everyday. It just became an occasional wear. Once in a blue moon we want to wear saree but the problem is we don’t know how to choose jewelry for saree. As a Indian woman I love to wear saree. So from my experience of wearing saree from my teenage I learned a few important things on selecting jewelry for saree. Today I am sharing those tips to you guys. I hope it would inspire you to choose perfect jewelry for your saree.

Tip No.1 Border of the saree

To select the perfect jewelry you have to find the color of the border of your saree. Most of the sarees comes in Golden, Beige and Silver border.

For Golden and Beige border saree wear Gold or Gold plated jewelry.

For Silver border saree go for Diamond, White stone, Oxidised Silver jewelry.

But what if the saree border is in some other color? No worries! You can choose a jewelry in the color of the saree border.

Tip No.2 Based on the type of the saree

For Fancy saree wear fancy jewelry. Wait what is a fancy jewelry? If the jewelry is not precious then its called a fancy jewelry. It will be made with kundans, stones,silk thread, beads etc.

For Silk sarees you can wear precious and semi-precious jewelry

For Cotton saree Oxidised Silver jewelry will be a good choice. For inspiration you can take actress Nayanthara photo shown below. She is wearing simple yet beautiful cotton saree and added for Oxidised Silver jewelry for completeing the look.

For heavy work saree try to wear subtle jewelry or only one jewelry. If you want to wear a big earring skip necklace. The point is it must not look chunky.

If you are wearing a simple saree then choose a Statement jewelry to give a twist to your look

For nude colour sarees you vcan wear classic colour jewelry

Tip No.3 Based on saree draping style

If you are wearing the saree in free pallu style then long chain with pendent will look good. If you are wearing pleated pallu then opt for short necklace.

Tip No.4 Size of the Jewelry

For a simple saree a big statement earring or necklace will be perfect

If the earring is big chain or necklace can be avoided

Make sure the jewelry is not looking chunky. You can wear a necklace and a earring in medium size or only a big statement earring.

Tip No.5 Based on skin undertone

We all have a undertone in our skin. Most of the Indians have warm under tone a few have cool undertone.

For warm undertone people golden color jewelry will look good and for cool undertone people silver, diamond and white stone jewelry will look good.

So if you just want to wear a jewelry that looks good on you then you can check your under tone and choose the appropriate one.

For warm undertone people silver jewelry will make them look sick and for cool undertone people golden jewelry will not look significant. It will make them look like they are not wearing jewelry at all.

Don’ts of choosing jewelry for saree

  •             Full chunky jewelry from top to bottom with heavy saree is a big no
  •             Simple saree with subtle jewelry will look boring
  •             Hand should not be left empty. Bare hands doesn’t look good in saree.
  •             Big anklet with too much of noise is not so classy. You can wear a simple anklet.
  •             Big statement bracelet and big rings are a big no.
  •             Mixing silver and golden jewelry must be avoided. All the jewelry must be made of same metal. Mixing them is not so good idea.

Here I have tried to answer a few questions that popup when we choose jewelry for saree

  1. What jewelry can I wear with a plain saree?

As the saree is plain a statement earring, statement necklace and some bangles will be a good choice. You can wear oxidized jewelry as well.

  1. What kind of jewelry should I wear on a yellow saree?

For warm color sarees golden jewelry will be a good choice. For cool color sarees silver, diamond, white stone jewelry will be perfect.

Warm colors: Red, Yellow, Orange, Maroon

Cool colors: Green, Blue, Violet

  1. What kind of jewelry can be suitable for all kind of sarees?

Pearl jewelry can be worn with almost all kind of sarees and for all occasions.

  1. What to wear with silk sarees?

For silk sarees you can wear temple jewelry as it will enhance the elegance of silk saree.

  1. What kind of jewelry is suitable for office?

Any subtle jewelry will be perfect for work. You can wear pearl jewelry as well.

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    • Hi Meenakshi! For a heavy work saree if you are going to wear it to any wedding functions then you can wear choker necklace, a single but big bangle for one hand, and a golden color watch for the other hand and big earrings. if you don’t want the saree to look heavy work then you can opt for same jewelries but in smaller size.

    • Hi! Pavithra For an orange color saree you can wear golden colour jewellery.
      You can wear a big earring with a long aram, four or five bangles for both hands and a ring.
      or You can wear a choker necklace, medium sized earrings, some bangles and a ring
      also if you like you can add a sahara earring for a royal look. Thankyou!

    • Hi! Sorry for the late reply. You can wear any color saree with a multi colour necklace. If the stone colors are very bright then go for muted color saree. If the stone are not so bright then go for a bright saree. I hope my answer helped you.

    • Hi Niveditha! Tassel earring with silk saree is a really trendy combination. It will look good. Remember to match other accessories to the color of earring.
      If you are attending some wedding function or going to a temple then golden imitation jewelry will also work.
      Hope I have helped you with my answer. Have a good day!

    • Hi Prisha,
      For a grey Saree with black border you can wear black color statement jewellery with big black stones. Try to accentuate earring. You can wear a big black stone ring as well.  
      Good luck!

  • Heyy!!
    What kind of jewellery should i wear if i have a wine colour satin saree with white net embroidered blouse for my farewell…
    Please tell!!?

    • Hi Devanshi, 

           For a wine color Saree with white blouse you can wear white stone jewellery. Or you can wear pearl jewellery.

           A satin Saree will have a elegant look,  so try to wear minimal jewellery.

           You can wear a white stone statement earring, small stone necklace,or wear a long necklace,  instead of bangles go for bracelet type bangle, simple white srone ring, and a watch in white color. If you like you can wear some hair accessory also. 

            Most importantly avoid any golden colour jewels.

      I have sent you some jewellery pictures for reference to your mail Id. Kindly check

  • Hi,

    I have a dark blue linen saree with silver border. Which jewellery would suit this?

    Also, I have a handloom cotton saree with brown, black, beige and maroon colors with maroon border. Which jewellery can be opted for this?

    • Hi,
      For the dark blue Saree go for white stone jewellery. Maybe a small stone necklace and earrings and some bangles or bracelet all in white stone.
      For the maroon border Saree go for golden or gold plated jewellery with big maroon or deep red jewellery.
      Check your email also. I have sent a few jewellery pictures for reference. Thank you for the comment.

  • Hi !
    What earrings to go with a black printed saree, the print being intricate and rich and of peach and green colour ?

    • As the saree is black go for rose gold jewelry. it will look classy and will compliment the peach colour print. Rose gold colour statement earring and a roses gold colour watch will look amazing. Check deepika padkone saree styles for some inspiration.

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