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The hour glass body shape is the most liked body shape by Indian women. But only a few have this body shape. Most of us have either Ruler shape or Pear shape. Perhaps we can create an illusion of hourglass body shape by using a few tricks. So here are my tips to fake an hourglass shape.

Basic concept to look like an hourglass figure

First of all we must know what is an hourglass shape. If your bust size and hip size is almost equal and waist size is very small then you are an hourglass shape. To understand the concept better let’s take an example. We are going to take Cinderella as the example (Because Disney Princesses are famous for their impossible shape)

As you can see in the picture the actress has super hourglass shape. But this shape is almost impossible to have. So they made an optical illusion to give her a tiny waist.

Look at the picture again. She is not wearing a regular sleeve. It’s an off shoulder sleeve specially designed to make her shoulder look wider. The trick is you cannot downsize your waist. But you can make your shoulder and hip look wider. Look at the bottom of the dress. That dress is having a lot of fabric to make it look bigger. So with this simple trick they achieved the hourglass figure.

Now we are going to use this tick for kurti to create that hourglass illusion.

Inverted Triangle Neck Design Kurti

In this picture you can see that the neck design is wider at the top and narrower as it reaches waist line. And the design is in eye caching color so that neck design gets attention when we see it. At the bottom it is much wider compared to the waist and shoulder. So it easily creates an hourglass figure without much effort.

Belted Kurti

In this kurti there is an emphasis on the waistline due to the belt tied at the waist. This kurti is long, wide at the bottom, and you get to see the waistline immediately as there is a belt. This gives an hourglass illusion to the kurti.

Wrap around kurti

In this kurti the fabric is wrapped around her waistline creating an emphasis on the tiny waist. Just make sure that you are wrapping it exactly around the waistline.

Layered A-Line Kurti

In this picture the hourglass figure is not so prominent. But it almost serves the purpose. As it is an A-line kurti the bottom is wide. This apparently makes the waist look smaller compared to the bottom of the kurti.

Waist embellished kurti

In this picture we can see an embellishment at the waistline which gets our attention by one look. And the dress is plain at rest of the parts. The embellishments are so beautiful and make us look straight at the waist. Waistline is crunched and the shoulder and hipline is wide compared to the waist. This creates an hourglass figure

Puff Sleeve kurti

In this picture you can see that the puff sleeve is used to widen the shoulder thus making the waistline look smaller. This can be used for saree blouse also to create the look. You can look for embellishment on sleeves to create the hourglass figure

Cap Sleeve kurti

An easy way to widen shoulder is wearing a cap sleeve kurti. The cap sleeve sits exactly on the widest part of the shoulder and making it look wider. As the shoulder is wide the waist looks smaller compared to the shoulder and creates an hourglass figure.


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