Office Wear Outfit Ideas For Indian Women |Kurti Edition

Hi ladies! In this post we are going to see office wear outfit ideas for indian women. You can find many posts on this topic on the internet but the problem is mostly they covered western wears only. So I decided to shed some light on Indian ethnic wears. Let’s get started!

  1. Button up Kurti with legging

Kurti with legging is the most popular one. But the problem is we get bored when we wear same option over and over again. So to break the routine you can wear some button up Kurti instead of a regular Kurti. It not just feels comfortable but also gives confidence.

  • Long Kurti with jacket

In this option you can actually wear the same Kurti in many different ways. You can pair it with long jacket, blazer, koti or shrug. You can try either plain Kurti with printed jacket or printed Kurti with plain jacket.

  • Shift Dress as Kurti

If you ever wanted to try a dress but don’t like showing legs then this is for you.  A shift dress looks like a short Kurti without side slits. You can pair it with a legging and create a new outfit.

  • Short Kurti with Palazzo pants

If you don’t have palazzo pants its time you get one. Because it’s the popular one right now. You can pair a printed Kurti with plain palazzo, plain Kurti with printed palazzo.

  • Short Kurti with skirt

This outfit is trending right now. I am seeing this outfit in almost every online store and outlets. Maybe I should get one. But if you already have a skirt and don’t know how to use it then pair with a short Kurti.

  • Long dress as Kurti

Recently I bought a new Kurti, but after buying only I realized its actually a dress. So then I paired with a legging. It looked so good with legging as well. So if you really like long dresses then pair it with a nude color legging to wear it to office. You can easily find this kind of dresses online. The best part is they can be used as Kurti as well as dress.

I hope this post helped you… See you again!

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