Indian Capsule Wardrobe | The Key To Create an Interesting Capsule Wardrobe

Hi Minimalists! If you are reading this article its possible that you got bored of your minimalist wardrobe. I am here to help out with this problem. Lets get started!

Problem No 1 : Capsule wardrobe looks Colorless

                Many people tend to avoid bright colors in their capsule wardrobe as they think minimalism does not include bright colors. Because of this you will start to crave for bright colors. This will eventually make you think your wardrobe is lifeless.


                To solve this problem you can try to add colors in your outfits in the form of Colorful jackets, Printed and Colorful shawls, scarfs etc.

Imagine that you are wearing a black Kurti with a legging. Now add a scarf or shawl or blazer in your favorite bright color.

Problem No 2 : Capsule wardrobe looks like uniform

                The problem with capsule wardrobe is that sometimes we tend to forget the fact we cannot wear the same outfit style every day. Many of us wear Kurti and Leggings to office almost all the time. And we get bored of the same outfit.


                To avoid this problem try to add all type of outfits to your wardrobe not just Kurti and Legging. Maybe you can add some sarees to your wardrobe. Or you can replace some of your kurtis with maxi dresses. Or you can add multicolor koti, jacket and shawls to your wardrobe

Problem No 3 : You excluded accessories from wardrobe

                Many of us don’t really give a damn about accessorizing the outfit. So obviously we do not count it when we create our capsule wardrobe. So the wardrobe ends up incomplete and boring


                Get wild with your accessories. Try some statement earrings and necklaces. Try changing the bracelet or bangle every single day. Invest in bags and shoes. Try to include 3 to 4 types of bags and shoes in different colors. This way you can keep your capsule wardrobe interesting and fresh.

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