What Jewellery To Wear With Saree|Festive/Wedding Wear Jewellery ideas

Hello lovely angels! In next few weeks we are going to celebrate India’s biggest festival Diwali. So here I present you with the most needed ideas to style your festive wear. In this particular post I have covered Jewelry for saree


When I think about saree the first thing that comes in my mind is Devasena look from Bahubali 2. Anushka Shetty rocked that look. So I have taken that Devasena look as an inspiration. So the jewelries you can add to your saree are,

1. Jumka Earring

A Jumka earring is a staple jewelry that almost all Indian women have and it looks so good with saree. So for a festive season saree with jumka is an easy option to try.

2. Sahara Earring

Speaking of earring if you want to look special and unique then you can try a sahara earring. It gives a regal look to the saree. I tried this look once and it looked amazing. So a sahara earring is a must try.

3. Jhoomar Bangles

This is the kind of bangle that adds a little extra to the saree. The hangings looks so good when its worn with any Indian ethnic wear.

4. Saree Pin Brooch

Of course you will pin the saree in many places, specially the pleats. This is when a beautiful brooch can be used to make your saree look more beautiful.

5. Necklace

For the neck piece I would go for either long haram necklace or a stone necklace. Finish the look with a beautiful necklace every time you wear saree.

6. Hair accessory

To get a royal look add a beautiful accessory to your hair as shown in the picture. It will look beautiful and unique for any festival or wedding functions.

Styling tips

  1. If the necklace is big and chunky you should either avoid the earring or you should wear a small earring.
  2. If the earring is big then you should go for long necklace or no necklace.
  3. If you are wearing a sahara earring try to wear a long necklace so that it will not look chunky.
  4. If the saree is heavy then go for small jewelries so that the saree will get highlighted.
  5. If the saree is simple then go for chunky jewelries so that the jewelry will get highlighted.

I hope it helped and inspired you to get ready for this festive season. Thanks for reading!

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  • Could u tell me which type of jewellery will suit with my saree… Peach color with gerry border.. I am a 50 yr old with medium complexion..

    • Hi
      For a peach color saree with jari border you can wear pearl jewelries. Pearl necklace, pearl earrings and pearl bangles would look very elegant with peach color saree.
      If you don’t have pearl jewelry then you can wear white stone jewelry as well.

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