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Hi young ladies! In this post I have shared affordable outfit ideas for college students under Rs.1000. Lets get started.

1. Skirt with Kurta

Few days back I was surfing the the internet to find an outfit for Diwali. That’s when I saw this outfit on Flipkart. It’s a short kurti with a long skirt. A perfect outfit for college students.

As on today the price of this kurta set varies between Rs.800 to Rs.1000. It also has good customer rating and reviews on Flipkart. Here is a photo of the outfit.Here is a link to this kurta with skirt set.

2. Turtle Neck Top with Jeans

A basic T shirt with jeans might look boring. So you can try a turtle neck top with jeans to create this classic outfit.

 This turtle neck sweater is from the brand Roadster an in house brand of Myntra. I have personally used this brand a lot. It has so many trendy western outfit at good quality and low price. Its definitely a must buy. Also the price of this top is under Rs.1000.

3. Midi Skirt with Blouse

This is a bomb combination that never goes old. You can buy these skirts for around Rs.600 to Rs.800 online.

Here I have added one skirt from the brand called Sassfras. This brand offers so many affordable styles. You can buy this skirt here.–orange-printed-a-line-skirt/8643283/buy

4. Dress with Pants

You might want to wear a dress but your college will have a dress code that forbids you from wearing a short dress. In that case you can actually wear a dress with pants to wear them to college. You can choose a shirt dress or an ordinary short dress and wear them with pants to create a more modest look.

This shirt dress is from Roadster brand. I have purchased them already. Its a reversible dress. So you can wear it in two styles. The quality of the material is so good. Pair it with pants or jeggings if you have dress code. This is also an affordable brand for college students. Here is a link to buy this dress.–grey-reversible-shirt-dress/2317101/buy

5. Maxi Dress

We all love to wear maxi dress. But sometimes we think a maxi dress is for parties only. A simple maxi dress can be worn to college as well. There are so many maxi dresses available online at a low price. If you want to take a break from regular kurtis then maxi dress is a great option.

You can buy these kind of maxi dresses from Myntra for Rs.800 to Rs.1000. You can find them here

6. Jumpsuit

Just like a maxi dress a jump suit can also be worn to college. It’s a fully covered modest and trendy outfit. So if your college has dress code the jump suit is a great option.

You can buy the above jump suit from myntra. Mostly jumps suits come under Rs.1000. Here is a link

7. Skirt with Tshirt

This is a modest and trendy outfit to wear. Its very style the maxi skirt with the Tshirt. If your college has a dress code then it’s a great choice.

You can buy these skirts from Rs.700 to Rs.1000 online. Here is a link to it.

8. Co-ords

If you want to look trendy and don’t want to spent more money then co-ords are the best options. You can buy these co-ords from at low price. You can try these sets when you have a special occasion like paper presentation, seminar etc.

Here is a link to one of my favorite co-ord set.

9. Kurti with Denim jacket

If you like wearing kurti to college then you should try this outfit. Kurti with denim jacket looks very cool. It’s a lazy day outfit as you don’t need to spend too much of time trying to style it. You just have to add a denim jacket with your kurti and legging set and that’s it.

Here is a link to it

10. Kurti with Legging and Scarf

Almost everyone is wearing kurti to work or to college. Adding a scarf to this is a very easy way to style a kurti.

11. Cute top with a tailored pant

This is a cute combination for college students. Just pair a cute top with tailored pants and you will look like a million dollar.

You can find this polka dot blouse here.

12. Maxi dress with Jacket

You can wear one of your party wear maxi dress with a jacket to dress it down. Maxi dress with jacket will look very formal. You can find maxi dress that comes with jacket online.

Here is a link to one of these kind of dresses.

13. Flared Palazzo Pants with crop top

Flared Palazzo pants almost looks like a skirt, but it’s a little more stylish than a skirt. You can wear a flared palazzo with a crop top.

If you do not like wearing crop top then you can wear a short kurti to this flared palazzo. Here how it will look like.

Here is a link to a flared Palazzo pant from myntra

14. Well Fitted Salwar Suit set

Nothing can beat a well fitted salwar suit. If you like wearing ethnic wears and salwar, then you must try different style of salwar suits that are well fitted.

15. Kurti With Jacket

If you like wearing kurti then you can wear a jacket on top to spice up the outfit.

Here is a link for cute shrug–golden-printed-longline-open-front-ethnic-jacket/7585039/buy

I hope it helped you. See you next time.

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