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Secrets To Look Elegant In Saree |Look Elegant In Indian Wear

 When it comes to elegance we should always remember “Less is More”. By that I mean less designs, less confusions, less colours etc. So keeping that in mind we should choose sarees and blouses when we buy them. Lets see what are the key points to consider while buying a saree to look elegant.

While picking saree….

  • Consider Small border

A small border saree is always better if you want to look elegant. On the other hand a big border saree makes you look short.

  • Make sure the border looks well designed and has good finishing

The border of the saree must have a good finishing. To understand better take a look at the pictures below.

Good Finishing border
Bad border finishing

One saree has a good finishing on border the other one looks cheap. A cheap looking saree is not so elegant. If you cannot afford an expensive saree atleast look for a saree that has good finishing.

  •  Look for pearls, zardosi designs, embroidery

Printed sarees look good but a handwork design like pearl work, zardosi, embroidery would look more expensive and elegant. And avoid cheap looking blingy stones.

Expensive looking stones with zardosi hand work
Cheap looking stones
  • Choose plain and simple saree than over designed saree

This is more suitable for silk sarees. It is very common in South India to wear a full jari work saree to wedding functions. Stay away from over designed or heavy worked silk saree if you are not the bride.

Heavy saree .. But not so elegant
Less designs and elegant look
  • Look for expensive looking material

Try to buy expensive and elegant looking sarees. Buy velvet, silk, muslin materials over regular material. These rich materials will give you a rich look even if they are not very expensive.

Raw silk material
Satin Silk saree with velvet blouse
  • Try mute colour and  Pastels

These days mute colours and pastels are becoming hard to find in stores. You can find an orange saree easily but its difficult to find peach color saree because peach is a pastel color. Whenever we find it difficult to get we associate it with rich. So if you could find a pastel colour saree at an affordable price buy it right away.

While Choosing Blouse….

  • Look for Brocade blouses, silk Blouses, velvet blouses

Brocade, silk and velvet look very expensive. So these blouses make an ordinary saree look elegant.

  • Try Designer blouses

It is important that you have atleast one or two designer blouses in basic colours. A designer blouse in  golden colour is a must have.

  • Look for clean designs

It is important to keep the designs simple and clean. If its too confusing then its not elegant.

  • Try to get good fitted blouses

An ill-fitting outfit is always an off. Even if its an expensive saree but if the blouse is ill fitting it will spoil the look. If the blouse is very tight and uncomfortable or if its too revealing for you then your face will show that you are not confident. So its important to wear good fitted blouse.

  • Invest in good quality blouses

You may not be able to buy very good quality blouses in all the colours. But try to get good quality blouses in basic colours like golden colour, silver colour, black colour and your favorite colour.

For Petticoat always wear good quality ones.

Jewelries for sarees to look elegant

                For sarees with golden border

You can wear simple gold jewelry for any saree with gold border.

                For silver, grey, black border

                            Oxidized silver jewelries will look good with sarees having silver jari, silver border and black border

Silver Jewelry for silver border and silver jari saree

                For sarees in pastel colour

            You can wear pearl jewelry or stone jewelry for pastel colour sarees.

                For Contrast border sarees

                            If the border colour is contrast colour of saree then wear jewelries in border colour or pallu of the saree.

I hope this post helped you. For help comment down below I will reply in email within 24 hours.

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